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Technical Legend

3DOE utilizes fused deposition modeling technique for rapid prototyping. It fully supports major 3D design format, and it widely used in education, art, medical care, industrial design, etc.

Thoroughly Experimentation

Integrating and blending optimized mechanical design, firmware and software perfectly, provides TOP three-axis universal position technology, TOP three-dimensional space model algorithm and TOP operational enclosure for 3D printer.

Technical parameters:


Transport volume490×440×890mm3

Print technology : FDM

Forming space: diameter 200mm circular×380mmheight

Operation system: WindowsXP,7

Output file: STL

Print speed: standard 120mm/s, max 300mm/s

Spray temperature : 160~250 degree

Working temperature: 15~32°C[60-90°F]

Print material: ABS, PLA

Power requirement: 400W, 200-220V, 50Hz

Data transfer :   SD card


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