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RY-S photogrammetry 3D scanner

There are three types of 3D scanner of RY-S series, to satisfy user professional product design and development, each model use for scanning difference size of object. With easy operation, it can realize high precision measurement and complex surface based on high scanning speed and precision with multi registration mode. RY-S series is widely used in 3D scanning and design, such as tool glassesshoewood carveindustry spare partsrapid prototyping, etc.


RY-S200: Scanning small objects within 1000mm;

RY-S400 : Scanning middle objects between 1000~2000mm;

RY-S800: Scanning large objects over 2000mm.

Optional industrial camera: two-mega-pixel; three-mega-pixel; five-mega-pixel.


Product features:

● Adopt latest generation of non-contact blue/white light scanning technology;

● Having grating and control system under independent development, support blue and white light systems, and adjust according to the requirements of scanning surface when using;

● Faster measurement speed and better real-time dynamic nature, with single scanning speed can reach 0.4 seconds;

● Double cameras adopt hardware synchronization mechanism, with more clear measurement data;

● High measuring precision, adopt the company’s own patent technology, and measuring precision can reach 0.02mm - 0.05mm;

● Powerful detail resolution capability, resolving to the object as small as human hair;

● Multiple mosaic modes coexist: support automatic mosaic without pasting gauge point (feature mosaic), gauge points mosaic (be compatible with photogrammetric system, and scan very large objects);

● Multiple purposes and scanning specifications, be applicable to the scanning of object as small as a few millimeters or as big as several meters;

●Wide range of application, be applicable to different materials, and scan both rigid and flexible objects;

●Rich measurement output data interface: point cloud data obtained by measurement includes ASC, STL, PLY, IGES, OBJ, DXF, etc., be compatible with the general 3D software in the market;

●Simple operation: people can conduct skilled operation without too much training;

●Low requirements for environment: work under normal office environment.

Technology Parameter

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