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Metric Three-Dimensional Photogrammetric system acquire image from different angle of view through shooting the same work piece from two or multi-loation, by triangulation principle to calculate the position deviation between image pixels to obtain 3D coordinate. Collinearity equation consists with target point, center of camera and phase point, based on collinearity equation to calculate the 3d coordinate of target point. It is widely used in measurement high precision detection, data collection, 3d size calculate, shake detection, stress deformation etc.

 Technology Parameters

   Scanning precision


    Scanning range

≥4m  large.ultra-large work piecemeters to dozens of meters


1,800,000 pixels

    Power requirement

AC220±20%V50HZ or customize



    Mosaic mode

Automatic mosaic

    Data transfer

SD card or WIFI





    PC requirement

Laptop or desktop

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