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LSF 3D foot scanner can guarantee 0.2mm precision in the industry.
Use flow of  LSF 3D foot scanner:

Product features:

    ● Non-contact laser scanning:
    No harm to human body and eyes;
     Full closed optical path system:
    Scanning without dead angle;
     High precision:
    High measuring precision, with standard error <0.2mm;
     One-click operation:
    Simple and easy system operation, one-click scanning;
     Fast measuring speed:
    Complete a full scanning of foot within 15 seconds;
     Automatic acquisition of parameters :
   Measurement Report complete with more than 50 characteristic foot parameters automatically, conduct data analysis on single section of foot
     Humanized design:
    People when accept  measurement of foot can keep standing or sitting gestures;

     Scanning objects:
    Bare feet or socked,  plaster mold, sponge embossed box and finished products, shoe last, etc.;
     Humanized design:
    People who accept measurement of foot can keep standing or sitting gestures;
     Data format:
    Output format includes ASC, STL, OBJ, etc. that can conduct direct data exchange with CAD/CAM, EasyLast,  Lectra,  DelcamCrispin,  Rhino and other professional softwares.
     Support 3D printing:
    Scanning data can be imported into 3D printer for printing samples directly;
     Operating system:
    Windows style software interface, being user-friendly;

More can be customized, and welcome to contact us!

 Technology Parameter


Foot shape 3D scanner LSF-390

Scanning mode

Non-contact laser scanning, second-level red visible laser,  without harm to human body and eyes

Scanning range (x, y, z)

390 × 170 × 120mm

Scanning error

<=0.2 mm

Scanning time

< 15s

Overall Dimensions (l×w×h)

720× 490×360 mm

Application software


Output format

ASC, STL, OBJ, etc., support EasyLast, ShoeMaster, Rhinoceros and other softwares

Operating system

Windows XP/Windows 7


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