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3DOE 3D plantar scanner LSS is professional equipment with high performance for plantar measurement. With non-contact laser optical path design, it can complete the scanning sole of foot shape data within 10 seconds, support full load, half load or no load plantar scanning , which can be widely used for medical treatment, sports , shoe shop industry to do orthopedic insole design, custom insole making, scientific choose shoes, foot disease diagnosis and pedopathy reclamation.

Operating system:Windows style software interface, being user-friendly.

  Full closed optiacal path system with 8 perspective omnidirectional scanning, without dead angle;

One-click miscellaneous point processing, generate triangular mesh, which can output 

OBJ&STL Triangulare mesh data;

Non-contact laser scanning: No harm to human body and eyes;

High precision: High measuring precision, with standard error <0.1mm;

Smaller in size and more portable;

Fast measuring speed: Complete a full scanning of foot within 10 seconds;

Automatic acquisition of parameters :Measurement Report complete with more than 50 characteristic foot parameters automatically, conduct data analysis on single section of foot;

Scanning objects:Bare feet or socked,  plaster mold,  shoe last, etc.;

Data format:Output format includes ASC, STL, OBJ, etc. which can conduct direct data exchange with CAD/CAM, EasyLast,  Lectra, DelcamCrispin,  Rhino and other professional softwares;

Support SQL database, which can write scanning information into SQL database;

Support 3D printing:Scanning data can be imported into 3D printer for printing samples directly;

                       3D Plantar Scanner LSS-350 Parameters

Scanning Speed



0.1 mm

Output File


Scanning Range

350(L) * 170 (W)


530(L) * 245(W) * 205(H)

Power Supply

AC 220V



Operation Process


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