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eFoot-320 portable foot-type 3D scanner, one-click scan, quickly obtain foot-type 3D measurement data (STL data) and foot-type measurement report (Word file), the body of the small computer, can be used with laptop or tablet.With suitcase, small size and convenient to move, can realize no store, anytime anywhere door-to-door foot customization service.


● Non-contact laser scanning: no harm to human body and eyes;

● Fully closed optical path system: 8 angles of all-round scanning, 360 without dead Angle scanning;

● High precision: high measurement accuracy, standard error<0.5 mm;One key operation: the system is easy to operate, one key scanning, without manual intervention;

● Fast measurement speed: complete a full scan of a foot within 10S;

● Automatically obtain parameters: automatically extract 60 groups of characteristic parameters of foot type, generate measurement report (Word file), support upload, download and print;Generate STL data and 3D print foot mold directly.Single section of the foot can be analyzed;

● Small size, light weight, easy to move.

● Data format: direct generation of STL triangular grid data, with CAD/CAM,EasyLast, Lectra,DelcamCrispin and Rhino professional software for data exchange;

● Support SQL database: support SQL database, can directly write scan information to the database;

● Humanized design: when measuring the feet, the measured person can sit or stand;

● Scanning object: bare feet or wearing socks feet, plaster mold, sponge embossing box and finished products, shoe last, etc.

● Support 3D printing: scan data can be imported to THE 3D printer, directly print samples;

● Operating system: Windows style software interface, convenient for users to use;

▣  Technical Parameters



Scanning method

Non-contact line laser scanning, no harm to human body and eyes

Scan range (x, y, z)


Scan error

± 0.5 mm

Scan time

< 10s


FeetScan  / eFoot

Output format

ASC, STL, OBJ, etc., support EasyLast, ShoeMaster, Rhino and other software

Operating system

Win7/10 64bit

Power requirements

AC 220V, it is recommended that users bring their own ups power supply with 500W power

 ▣  Application field

1, door-to-door personalized foot customization.

2. Insole design and development.

3, corrective shoes, corrective insole foot measurement design, 3D printed insole.

4, medical foot correction.

5, ergonomics foot statistics.

6. Research on human feet.

7, shoe last design and development.

8. Shoe software design and development

9. Big data analysis of shoe enterprises and feet

10. Measure your feet and choose smart shoes

11, brand marketing brick-and-mortar store + seamless connection


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