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Compared with the first generation of foot 3D scanner machine, it has many optimization and improvement in terms of the design of the fuselage, weight and the application of the software , solving the problem of excessive weight equipment size.combined with new smart hardware equipment of shoe making industry. With powerful software, it can scan foot and last, capture precise 3D data and generate 60+ parameters. The data can be uploaded and downloaded, and is widely used in shoe making, medical correction and internet of things. Aiming at the customized shoe industry, it can effectively improve the flexibility of customer service. It provides a unique system solutions for the footwear industry.


● Non-contact laser scanning:

    No harm to human body and eyes;

● Full closed optical path system:

   8 angle scan without blind angel

● High precision:

    High measuring precision, with standard error <0.5mm;

● One-click operation:

    Simple and easy system operation, one-click scanning;

● Fast measuring speed:

   Complete a full scanning of foot within 10 seconds;

● Automatic acquisition of parameters :

   Measurement Report complete with more than 55characteristic foot parameters automatically, conduct data analysis on single section of foot

●The small volume, light weight, easy to carry

   Small size (520 x 390 x 310mm), light weight (18KG);

● Humanized design:

   People when accept  measurement of foot can keep standing or sitting gestures;

●Support SQL database connection:

  Support SQL database connection, Support writing the scan information to the database directly;

● Scanning objects:

   Bare feet or socked,  plaster mold, sponge embossed box and finished products, shoe last, etc.;

● Humanized design:

   People who accept measurement of foot can keep standing or sitting gestures;

● Data format:

   Output format includes ASC, STL, OBJ, etc. that can conduct direct data exchange with CAD/CAM, EasyLast,  Lectra,  DelcamCrispin,  Rhino and other professional softwares.

● Support 3D printing:

   Scanning data can be imported into 3D printer for printing samples directly;

● Operating system:

    Windows style software interface, being user-friendly;

Scanning mode Non-contact laser scanning,  without harm to human body and eyes
Scanning range (x, y, z) 350×170×150(mm³)
Scanning error <0.5mm
Scanning time < 10s
Overall Dimensions (l×w×h) 570×390×310(mm³)
Application software FeetScan
Output format ASC, STL, OBJ, etc., support EasyLast, ShoeMaster, Rhinoceros and other softwares
Operating system Windows XP/Windows 7 32bit&64bit
weight 20kg±0.5kg
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