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1, a variety of stitching methodsFeature stitching/marking point stitching/frame stitching, feature stitching (scanning face) without marking points

2, the operation is simple and easy to learnHandheld scanning, bracket scanningTriggered scanning, 2 hours of training can be proficient

3, portable structure designConvenient hand-held, fully automatic splicing, multiple splicing methods coexist, the device hardware is small, it can be easily taken to the measurement site

Second, the handheld 3D scanner eSharp-X7 features

1, high measurement accuracyPowerful detail capture capability with measurement accuracy up to 0.02mm

2, measuring speed   With a single-sided scan time of less than 0.1 seconds, you can collect millions of points of data.

3, a variety of light sources are availableLED white / blue / red / green / multi-color optional

4, a wide range of scanningCan scan objects as small as a few millimeters to several meters, and scan human faces and other parts of the body

5, the measurement output data interface is richThe measured point cloud data are ASC, STL, PLY, IGES, OBJ, DXF, etc.Data exchange directly with Surfacer, image ware, UG, CATIA, Geomagic, Pro/E, Master CAM

6, fully automatic multiple stitchingFeature splicing/marking point splicing/frame splicing, multiple splicing methods coexisting and intelligently merging into single layer point clouds

Technical Parameters:
Product model:  eSharp-X7             eSharp-X7-W eSharp-X7-B      eSharp-X7-C
Light source:  LED white     LED blue     LED multicolor light
Measurement accuracy (mm): up to 0.02
Measurement speed: >1.3 million measurements/second
Single scan speed (s): <0.1
Scanning method : Handheld surface scanning / bracket scanning
Single scan area (mm): 200*150
Stitching method : Feature stitching / marker stitching / frame stitching
Working distance : 350mm
Data output format : ASC, STL, PLY, OBJ, etc.
Transmission method : USB3.0
Supported operating systems : Windows /7/10 64-bit
Compatible software: 3D Systems (Geomagic Solutions), InnovMetric Software (PolyWorks)Dassault Systems (CATIV V5 and SolidWorks), PTC (PRO/ENGINEER)Autodesk (inventor, Alias, 3ds max, Maya, Softimage)Siemens (NG and Solid Edge)

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