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Product features:

★ Ergonomic design, using non-contact safety laser scanning, no harm to human body

★ Scanning object: sole, capsule

★ Experience software interface: use software to automatically guide the operation

★ Four-view plantar scan, which can measure the sole and part of the side information, which better guarantees the shape of the arch and the complete size of the sole

★ Measurement speed: complete a complete scan of the sole of the foot in 5~10s

★ Measuring accuracy: ±0.5mm

★ Easy to carry

  ▣  Classic cases

 ▣  Technical Parameters




Scanning light 



Laser Class2M, no harm 

to human body and eyes

Scan range(x,y,z)


Scanning error

± 0.5 mm

Scanning time

5-10s(One foot)

Output information


3D data (STL format) and more 

than 20 plantar parameters, with 

analysis of arch, heel, and 

thumb varus

Other functions



1.Support WeChat public account access

2.Support cloud remote management

3.Support multi-store management

4.Support smart selection of shoes

  and insoles

▣  Application field

Orthopedic insole design, personalized custom insole, 3D printed insole;Scientific selection of shoes, intelligent selection of shoes;Podiatric diagnosis and podiatric correction, etc.

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