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eFoot is one of the brands of 3DOE.

eFoot 3D scanning system used internet cloud and 3D laser scanning technology,  combined with new smart hardware equipment of shoe making industry. With powerful software, it can scan foot and last, capture precise 3D data and generate 60+ parameters. The data can be uploaded and downloaded, and is widely used in shoe making, medical correction and internet of things.

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Product Features

Intelligent Hardware

¤     Small size, portable design

¤     Closed-loop optical system with 8 angles of full-field scanning

¤   Scan objects: foot (bare foot or with sock), shoe last, plaster cast, etc.

¤    Intelligent touch screen One-click operation

¤   Non-contact laser scanning, safe for human bodies and eyes

Powerful Software

¤   Fast scanningless than 10 seconds per foot

¤   High accuracyaccurate to within 0.5mm

¤   Smart extract 60 parameters of the foot

¤   Analysis of valgus and strephenopodia

¤   STL triangular mesh file exported directly

¤   Data can be directly used for 3D printing

¤   SQL database supported

¤   Automatic purchasing shoes on cloud and customized service

¤   Support Wechat official account insert

¤   Cloud management of customer information

eFoot 3D Scan SystemExperience marketing project

¤ Experience: Smart extract 60 parameters of the foot, digitization of foot

¤ Service: Cloud management of customer information, segment customers, one-to-one service

¤ Marketing: Support WeChat official account insert, push marketing message immediately

¤ Selling: Automatic purchasing shoes on cloud and customized service, support to order anytime and anywhere with App.

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