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The eMat foot pressure distribution test system uses high-density plantar pressure sensors and dynamic analysis software, which can accurately obtain the pressure distribution of each part of the plantar when standing and walking. Through objective and quantitative data analysis, it supports clinical diagnosis and treatment modes. Different from traditional measurement methods, eMat can provide further insight into parameters such as foot function and biomechanics, and can also identify high foot pressure problems that cannot be distinguished by the human eye. It can be widely used in foot function analysis, gait analysis, postural stability, fall risk assessment, sports laboratories, rehabilitation departments of medical institutions, foot and ankle surgery, and scoliosis correction.



1. Confirm the foot pressure information of the long and short feet.

2. Screen for areas where foot ulcers may occur.

3. Establish the asymmetry of both sides during the gait standing period.

4. According to different foot areas such as heel, midfoot and forefoot,

5. Perform foot function measurement for foot pressure analysis.

6. Check the dynamic displacement and local pressure concentration.

7. Monitor the progress of balance, muscle strength and weight transfer function.

▣  Classic cases




Connection interface

USB Type A


power supply


Scan rate


Sensing area length


Sensing region width


Number of sensing points



4 points/cm2




▣  Application field

▶ Improve the individual's ability to predict foot function screening and expand clinical practice experience.

▶ Reduce the incidence of foot ulcers or pressure ulcers, and accelerate the recovery process of foot ulcers or pressure ulcers.

▶ Observe non-sensory neuropathy foot problems.

▶ Provide proof of medical service expenses and insurance declaration.

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