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eFoot 3D foot scanning system, eFoot-320Pro foot 3D scanner (two feet) can scan the human foot and shoe last shape three-dimensionally, collect high-precision 3D data, and generate more than 60 sets of personalized Three-dimensional measurement parameters, measurement reports support uploading and downloading; automatic matching of shoe sizes to realize the terminal selection of shoes; according to foot parameters & individual requirements, customization can be achieved. It is widely used in the shoe industry and medical rehabilitation field.


★ Full optical path closed system, 8 viewing angles omni-directional scanning

★ Scanning objects: feet (bare feet or wearing socks), lasts, plaster models

★ Adjustable bracket: adjustable for children, teenagers, and adults

★ The system is easy to operate, one-click scanning, without manual intervention, and files are automatically saved;

★ Non-contact laser scanning, no harm to human body and eyes

★ Small size, space saving, easy to transport and carry

★ Support WeChat public account access

★ Cloud management of scanning foot data

★ Fast scanning speed (two feet scanning 15-20S)

★ High measurement accuracy (standard error<0.5mm)

★ Automatically extract more than 60 characteristic measurement parameters of the foot shape, and output a measurement report (word file); data analysis can be performed on a single section of the foot shape

★ Evaluate foot shape valgus and arch deformation

★ Directly generate foot shape STL triangle mesh data, the scanned foot shape data can be imported into a 3D printer, and 3D foot model samples can be printed directly;

★ Support SQL database

★ Cloud automatic selection of shoes and customized services

★ Meet the needs of women's high-heeled shoes customization: the foot can be scanned after the heel is increased, and the parameters after the foot deformation can be collected for the purchase and customization of high-heeled shoes;
eFoot 3d foot scanning system-experiential marketing carrier

◆ Experience: Intelligent extraction of more than 60 sets of parameters of the foot, digital foot shape

◆ Service: customer information cloud management, customer segmentation, one-to-one service

◆ Marketing: Support WeChat public account access and push marketing information instantly

◆ Sales: automatic shoe selection and customized service functions on the cloud platform, placing orders anytime, anywhere.

1. Establish [foot type or shoe last] database

2. Smart shoe selection   

A. Shop purchase   

B. Pocket O2O purchase

3. Personalized customization

4. Foot health care

Technical Parameters



scanning method

Both feet

Scanning light source

Laser Class2M, no harm to human body and eyes

Scanning range (x, y, z) (mm)


Scan error(mm)

± 0.5

Scan time(S)

< 20 (both feet)


eFoot V3.0

Output format

ASC, STL, OBJ, etc., support EasyLast, ShoeMaster, Rhino and other software

operating system

Win7/10 64bit

Power requirements

AC 220V, it is recommended that users bring their own ups power supply with 500W power

rated power



▣  Application field

1. Personalized footwear customization.

2. Design and development of insoles.

3. Orthodontic shoes, orthopedic insole design for foot measurement, 3D printing insole.

4. Medical foot shape correction.

5. Ergonomic foot type statistics.

6. Human foot research.

7. Design and development of shoe last.

8. Footwear software design and development

9. Big data analysis of footwear companies

10. Smart selection of shoes

11. Brand marketing entity store + mall seamless connection

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