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    PTS-CColor typePhotogrammetry 3D scanner is not only able to obtain the data of 3D surface shape of object, but also able to quickly get the texture information of the object surface, realizing vivid color scanning of the object.3DOE color scanner has several scanning breadths, with multiple purposes, so it can scan both large and small fine objects. This model is mainly used in archaeology, animation and digital museum, etc.

Characteristics and advantages

• Non-contact white light scanning

Avoid contacting the surface of object, it can measure soft objects

• Fast speed

It can get millions of scanning points within 5 seconds, and measuring point data is very regular.

• High precision

It adopts the most advanced computer vision technology and 3DOE unique patented technology, with measurement precision of 0.02 mm to 0.05 mm.

• High resolution

It has high-density point cloud data, and fine parts of object can be clearly described.

• Large depth of field

The depth of field range is 300-500mm.

• Multi-view and full automatic mosaic

It adopts gauge point automatic mosaic technology, and multi-view of data can be fully automatic mosaic, with high mosaic precision.

• Few blind area of scanning

The object being measured can be overturned or moved during the scanning.

• Portable design

It can be carried to the scene easily, and scanning equipment can be moved when scanning large and heavy objects.

•Low requirement for measuring environment

It can work in normal indoor environment or outdoor  field, without dark room.

• Well adaptability

It can scan objects as small as a few millimeters or as big as a few meters, and is not limited by scanning stroke, being suitable for the scanning of various sizes of objects.

• Simple operation

It adopts one-click scanning, and people can make skilled operation without much training

•Multi data interface

It supports ASC, IGES, STL, OBJ, DXF and other data formats,  can connect with Pro/E, UG, Imageware, Geomagic, AutoCAD etc

Technology Parameter

Product model PTS-C 
Scanning mode Non-contact color plane scanning, and capture the texture
Single scanning Area (mm2) 100×75~200×150~400×300
Maximum measurement range (mm3) 2000×1500×1500
Measuring precision (mm) 0.02~0.05
Single scanning points (pixel) 1,300,000×2
Single scanning speed <5s
Average point spacing (mm) 0.05~0.3
Output file format ASC,IGES,STL,VRML,DXF,etc
Registration mode Mark points registration automatic, intelligent fusion into single-layer point cloud
Operating system Windows XP / Win 7 
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