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eSole-300C is a special 3d scanner for sole. It uses multi-angle laser scanning to obtain the plantar 3D surface data, and uses multi-angle white light scanning to obtain the plantar texture color information. More than 20 plantar parameter reports can be generated, which can be used to evaluate the arch of the foot, heel valgus, thumb valgus, etc. eSole-300C scanner is  widely used in foot health assessment and foot orthopedic aids.


· Scanning object: sole,  film box;

· Safety design: Use non -contact security laser scanning and white light texture scanning, no harm to the human body;

·High experience software: Wizard operation interface, voice and text prompt, easy to operate;

· 4-views 3d scanning:  Adopt 4-views 3d scanning+1-view rear camera scanning, it can measure the soles and side information, which can better ensure the shape of the arch and the full size of the soles of the foot;

· Accuracy: ± 0.5mm;

· Measurement speed: 5 ~ 10s;

· Data output format: ASC, OBJ, STL, etc.;

· Operating system: Windows

·Portable: With carrying case, easy to carry.

·Additional functions: support WeChat official account APP, multi store management, cloud data analysis, etc



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