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3DOE owns independent research and development of 3D slice module which can completely compatible with 3D printer.

LDS series desktop 3D scanner is a cost-effective desktop 3D scanner, and is the necessity of 3D printing. It can automatic scan 360 degree of object by using rotary scanning,, and uses two laser transmitters to form dual view scanning, with little measuring blind area and simple operation. It can be applied to education teaching, toy model scanning, 3D printing, jewelry, game production, electronic products and other fields.


1) 3D laser scanning technology with high precision, without harm to human eyes;

2) High point cloud scanning precision, with point cloud resolution of 0.19 mm;

3) Fast scanning speed, with scanning speed of 2000 HP/SEC;

4) Simple operation, one-click scanning that can create a 3D model by only one click;

5) Multi-angle automatic mosaic which can scan 360° of contour data;

6) Data format ASC, STL, OBJ, and etc. can be compatible with Geomagic, Imageware, UG, Pro/E and other 3D softwares which are commonly-used in the market;

7) Low requirement for the staff, without needs of 3D modeling and professional CAD skills;

8) With 3D slicing procedure under independent research and development of the company which can realize seamless joint with the 3D printer;


Working principle:

LDS series desktop 3D scanner uses linear  laser measurement principle for scanning, By using HD camera to observe laser and modulate to reconstruction 3D contour information of the object. LDS series scanner uses the rotary scanning to conduct 360° full and automatic scanning of the object, and uses two laser transmitters to form dual view scanning, with little measuring blind area and simple operation.


Technical parameters:



Scanning mode

Non-contact double laser rotary scanning

Scanning range(L*W*H)


Scanning precision

<=0.1 mm



Camera resolution


Mosaic mode

Automatic mosaic

Scanning speed

Single laser: 2.5-4 minutes, double laser: 6-7 minutes

Maximum load capacity


Scanning software

3DOE ScanFP special scanning software (3D splice module is optional)

Output  file


Supportable operating system

Windows XP, Windows 7

Power adapter

In AC100-240V 50-60Hz, Out DC12V2A

Communication interface


External dimension (L*W*H)


Packing dimension (L*W*H)


Packing weight



3DSlice Stereo3D slice software technical parameters:


Supportable input data format


Supportable maximum data volume

> 1G

Slicing efficiency

200M data with about 20 minutes

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