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 Full light path closure system, 8 full-view scanning

 Scanning objects: feet (light feet or socks), enamel, plaster model

Intelligent one-touch operation: the system is easy to operate, one-click scanning, automatic file saving without manual intervention;

 Non-contact laser scanning, no harm to the human body and eyes

 Simultaneous scanning of both feet, ergonomic designsoftware:

Support WeChat public number access

Customer information cloud management

 Scanning speed is faster (two feet scan 15-20S)

 High measurement accuracy (standard error <0.5mm)

 Automatically extract several sets of parameters of the foot 60: automatically extract several characteristic parameters of the foot type 60, and generate measurement reports; data analysis can be performed on a single section of the foot type

 can be used to evaluate the internal and external rotation of the foot and the deformation of the arch

 Directly generate STL triangle mesh data

Data can be directly used for 3D printing: Scan data can be imported into 3D printer to directly print samples;

Support SQL database

 Cloud automatic shoe selection and customized service functions

 Meet the needs of women's high-heeled shoes: You can increase the foot heel and scan the foot, collect the parameters of the foot deformation, and use it for the purchase and customization of high-heeled shoes;


Technical Parameters:

Model:   LSF-350-Pro

Scanning method:   feet

Scanning light source:   Laser Class2M, no harm to human body and eyes

Scanning range (x, y, z):   350 × 170 × 150mm

Scanning error:   ± 0.5 mm

Scan time:   < 20s (two feet)

Machine size (l × w × h):   1303 × 718 × 1705mm

Application software:   FeetScanOutput format: ASC, STL, OBJ, etc., support EasyLast, ShoeMaster, Rhino and other software

Operating system:   Windows XP/Windows 7

Power requirements:   AC 220V, it is recommended that users provide their own 500W power ups power supply

Rated power:   240w

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