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PTS-H3DW is an optical 3D scanner designed for satisfying customer’s increasing demand for portable scanning. It uses light scanning technology of non-contact structure and handheld structure, with high precision, fast speed and more convenient operation. It is mainly used in the 3D scanning of auto parts, body scanning, medical apparatus and instruments,cultural relic archaeology, architectural engineering construction and other industrial parts, measuring and reversal designing which can give consideration to both teaching and training.

Fully-autonomous technology upgrade, coexistence of various mosaic modes


Product features:

● Non-contact handheld: non-contact scanning, handheld design;

● Highprecision: the latest generation of front lighting scanning technology, with precision of 0.02-0.05mm;

● Fastspeed: 0.2 seconds for single scanning;

● High resolution: with high density of point cloud data, find parts of the object can be clearly described;

● Simpleoperation: one-click scanning;

● Coexistence of multiple mosaic modes: support automatic mosaic (feature mosaic) without sticking gauge point; gauge point mosaic; frame mosaic (can be compatible with photogrammetry system); integrate into single-layer point cloud intelligently; test object can be turned and moved during the scanning, 3D measuring data is formed by the mosaic of gauge point, thus realize a comprehensive scanning of the object;

● Wideapplication range: use objects of different sizes, different materials and under different working conditions for scanning;

Output various 3D formats: VRML, OBJ, STL, PLY, ASCII, etc.; can be compatible with 3D softwares which are commonly-used in the market;

● Low requirement for environment: work under normal office environment;

Full-autonomous technology, provide custom solutions; Have professional R&D team, wait for you 24 hours a day.


Technical parameters:

Product model


Light source

LED white light/blue light

Single scan area (mm)


Single scanning speed (second)


Sensor (pixel)

300,000 -3 ,000,000 (optional)

Scanning dot space(mm)


Maximum precision (mm)


Scanning mode

Handheld photogrammetry scanning

Mosaic mode

Feature mosaic/gauge point mosaic/frame mosaic

Working distance range


Dimension (mm)


Weight (Kg)


Output format


System requirement

Windows2000 / XP / WIN7 32-bit and 64-bit system

Minimum computer configuration

Intel Core i5 or above

Requirement for display card

NVIDIA GeForce GT 670 or above

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